Wrapping up the 2014 GRIP Seminar

Wrapping up the 2014 GRIP Seminar

Earnhardt Technologies Group Welcomes GRIP

The 2014 attendees of GRIP Seminars will get a behind the scenes tour of Earnhardt Technologies Group to kick off this year's event.

Earnhardt Technologies Group Welcomes GRIP

Racing Electronics signs on as 2014 GRIP Sponsor

Racing Electronics will have a Team Services representative and service vehicle onsite.

Racing Electronics signs on as 2014 GRIP Sponsor

GRIP Announces 2014 Dates

GRIP Seminars Announces Dates for the 2014 GRIP Seminar in Mooresville, North Carolina Short Track Racers head to Dale Earnhardt, Inc. to “Get Racing’s In-Depth Perspective”

GRIP Announces 2014 Dates
  • A2 Wind Tunnel
  • AR Bodies
  • Crooks Racing
  • Earnhardt Technologies Group
  • Gale Force
  • Hamner Racing Engines
  • Hypercoil
  • Morse Measurements
  • Racing Electronics
  • RE Suspension

Seminar Goals

With GRIP Seminars, racers from across the US and Canada have the opportunity to learn from the industry's best and most cutting edge companies. We bring the knowledge of the industry's key players to the racer in this 3-day learning experience, right in the center of NASCAR's racing community - Mooresville, NC.

Learning Objectives

  • A better understanding of your race car
  • The latest technology the industry is using to push the envelope
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Improve your overall race program

Target Audience

In 2014, GRIP Seminars is focusing on short track asphalt racers - whether you compete in Super Lates, Crate Late Models, Late Model Stock, Modifieds, K&N Series, Pro Cup, Street Stock, this is the seminar for you! We encourage crew chiefs, drivers and team members to take part in this intense learning experience.

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Starting GRIP Seminars with the basics, Gary Crooks will talk to attendees about topics such as camber, caster, pro dive, anti dive and ackerman. He'll also go over things like bump steer, toe, squaring and wheel base. This is a great session to kick off GRIP 2014!

AR Bodies will be on hand to discuss Aerodynamics, getting in-depth about things such as preparation, body location and maximizing performance. In advance of our After Hours event at A2 Wind Tunnel, this session will also get into discussions about utilizing wind tunnel data.

Johnny Killen, from Crooks Racing, takes this session in-depth about tires - from tire selection, to purging, stagger, race pressures to bleeders and more. 

As we get closer to 2014, we'll let you know what exactly you'll be having for lunch each day. Rest assured, it will be delicious! Also during this time on Friday, our friends at DEI will be offering a "behind the scenes" tour of the Intimidator's shop.

The Gale Force machine has become a popular tool in race car setup. Gary Crooks will help attendees understand how to fully utilize the Gale Force machine - from setting up your car to figuring out bump stop loads.

This brand new session will go in-depth about rear ends and various types of differentials. We will talk the good and the bad of 2-speed, 3-speed and 4-speed transmissions.

By popular demand, GRIP Seminars has added this new in-depth session on brakes. We've invited Doug Jackson with PRO Systems to discuss setting up your brake system, understanding how to correctly set your brake bias, pad compounds, troubleshooting your brake system and much more.

David Salazar of A2 Wind Tunnel will demonstrate some of the powerful capabilities of the wind tunnel. 

Bob Simmons from Morse Measurements will start off the day with a look at Geometry and what it means for your race car. He'll take some of the topics from Setup Basics more in-depth with discussions about caster/camber - static vs. dynamic, pro dive/anti dive, ackerman, bump steer and rear suspension. Bob will also take some time to go over roll centsr and instant centers, jacking force and more.

Chris Paulsen, President of C&R Racing, will talk to our GRIP attendees about maximizing the efficiency of your cooling system.

Kelly Falls*, General Manager at Hypercoil Springs will start off this in-depth session with a look at how springs are made. He will discuss spring rate, the difference between rate and load, the working range of a spring and how to test springs. Together with Jason Enders of RE Suspension, they will discuss how spring rubbers can be utilized at the track to manipulate the handling of a race car.

*Kelly Falls will be on hand for this discussion, provided his intense travel schedule allows it. If unable to attend, Jason Enders, president of RE Suspension, Inc., will lead this session.

Lunch on Saturday will be as good as lunch on Friday!

Learn how social media can boost your racing program.

New for 2014, this session on motors will dive in-depth about tuning your motors for practice, qualifying and racing!

Veteran spotter Jason Reiner will close out the afternoon with an in-depth discussion on the role of a spotter, the techniques he has found most helpful whle at the track and the latest equipment NASCAR spotters are using to get the job done.

Additionally, Kevin Hughes from Racing Electronics will be on hand to talk about:

  • What's new in 2-way radio equipment
  • 2-way radio equipment maintenance
  • Troubleshooting your equipment
  • Proper 2-way radio harness installation & maintenance
  • Car antenna installation and theory
  • 2-way radio battery charging, storage & maintenance

Bob Simmons will give GRIP Attendees a close up look of the . . .

Jason Enders will talk about the different types of stops being used these days, stacked bump stocks, how to choose the right bump stop for your setup and setting your gap. Jason will also take this discussion more in-depth with a look at how to properly test bump stops, bump stop gaps and how to tune using bump stops.

Gary Crooks talks track tuning during this session. Attendees will learn what adjustments to make and why during practice sessions at the track.

Jason Enders is back to discuss shock tuning, where attendees will learn the intricacies of tuning your race car with shocks. Jason will also talk about the basics of weight transfer and how to manipulate them with shocks.

Sunday's lunch . . .

Clayton Rogers brings back his popular segment on driver development where he will chat openly about his experiences as a driver - how he has learned to optimize drive feedback and make driver adjustments while on the track. He'll also talk about the mental preparation necessary in this sport. This is a fantastic session for young drivers and crew chiefs!

The Impact division of Roush/Yates Performance will talk about safety on the track, including seats, proper mounting belts and proper installation. The discussion will also touch on head and neck restraints - everything to keep your driver safe on the track..


  • Here is a pic of the car Clay Rogers will be racing this weekend at Hickory for the PASS race. Stop by and see us http://t.co/S4BrfiVXOa about 2 days ago
  • The GRIP Seminars Ford Fusion will be driven by frequent GRIP speaker Clayton Rogers this weekend! http://t.co/3uetUf4mPp about 4 days ago
  • Wrapping up the 2014 GRIP Seminar! A huge thank you to our racers, our speakers and our sponsors. See you in... http://t.co/dYnHgA2Nlp about 45 days ago
  • Wrapping up the 2014 GRIP Seminars. A huge thank you to our racers, our speakers and our sponsors! http://t.co/UUzYcYnuuU about 45 days ago